Maureen Kelly creates site specific sculptures with sensitivity to materials, light and the architectural space they inhabit. These spaces are both the basis of community interaction and areas that define the intent of the building.  Working with materials that can withstand environmental condition she has focused on finely woven stainless steel, industrial fabrics and metal structures to create large scale sculptures that define the built environment. This in combination with both natural and programmed lighting create subtle changes in the shape, volume and line that welcomes the viewers who visually pass through the work creating a personal response.

“My sculpture is both an extension into the architectural intent and identity of the site and sculpture that is intentionally placed to stand on its own, interacting with the viewer in the space. In the same way individuals come together to create community, I create sculpture that is a combination of many elements that create one work.  Focusing on movement that is created from line, form and light, my work encourages the viewer to move through the space reflecting on the exchange of energy between the sculpture and the surrounding environment. Rather than a fixed point of reference the work offers many viewings, rather than one sculpture, my work holds multiple areas of a sculpture within a sculpture. My desire to express myself in a 3-dimensional medium and an instinctual interest in space has led to an understanding and deep belief in the transformative effect and power of sculpture in the built environment. The sculpture I create will take the viewer on a meditative journey from an open to a personal space, be a creative force for our imagination, a catalyst for our memories, and a connection to the future. As people pass through these spaces I hope that they take a moment to pause and consider how we position ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally in the spaces we inhabit.”

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Maureen Kelly + The Design Loft Team

Kelly’s interest in sculpture and architecture formalized during her MFA studies at Ohio University where she focused in clay sculpture. This began her research into the connections between multiple elements, clay structures and the importance of defining the space between. It was this work that gave Kelly the direction that her work would take; creating sculptures of multiple elements that are placed to define the architectural intent of space. In 1990 she established her studio in St. Louis, Missouri. The Design Loft Team and Kelly work throughout the country collaborating with architects, interior designers, lighting experts, engineers, construction managers and the trades. Working with these professionals has allowed Kelly to go into any space with a clear understanding of what it takes to successfully place sculpture in an environment that may or may not fit a “set-grid”. Kelly and The Design Loft team believe in the importance of her sculpture to create awe and reflection allowing the viewer to form a personal response to art and place.

The Design Loft team and Maureen Kelly work together with Lawrence Fabric and Metal Structures to fabricate and install site sculptures throughout the country. The Lawrence team of welders, installers and cad shop have been working with TDL’s team for twenty-five years – great professionals and great friends. (Photo credit: Lisa Wigoda Photography)